How to Recover a Dead/Bricked/Non-Working Openbox..

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How to Recover a Dead/Bricked/Non-Working Openbox..


Post by sakisvele »

Recover a Dead/Bricked/Non-Working OpenBox

So you might be facing a bunch of issues, your Skybox keeps restarting, it says “LOAD” and doesn’t switch on properly, it basically is not working. What should you do? Fix it. How? Keep reading… (P.S. This is completely normal, every time you put a USB into the box, and upgrade the firmware or channel list, you will be very lucky to come out with the box still working).

You will need a Null Modem Cable RS232 imaged below. Now not all of us in this 21st century have a PC with that port, so just go to eBay and get a “RS232 to USB cable” (this is a RS232 on one end and a USB to connect to your PC/Laptop on the other end). Make sure that comes with a CD so you can install drivers, it will cost you no more than £1.49 including delivery for the whole bundle.

RS232 Cable.
1. Please Click Here to download
OPENBOX F3 RS232 Upgrade TOOL.rar
(2.94 MiB) Downloaded 13 times
2. Please Extract the File to the location of your choice.

3. Now connect your box with your pc via RS232 cable but make sure you don’t connect power to the box now.
4. Open the downloaded folder and run “EromUpgrade” and for V8 run “”EromUpgrade.exe”

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