Elgato-HD-CN Skin mod by Cino for OE2.0

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Elgato-HD-CN Skin mod by Cino for OE2.0


Post by wova » 25 Feb 2015, 1:11 pm

Elgato-HD-CN Skin mod by Cino for OE2.0
Skin origin: Kerni

Moderated by Cino.

Thank you to everyone who works on this skin.

Tested on cvs, gp3, newnigma2, merlin, oozoon images.

Working fine on OE2.0.

Firstly setup weather plugin on your DM8000.

If you have Weather plugin that only setup Elgato-HD-CN plugin on your DM8000.
Thx @cino

Image Image Image Image

enigma2-plugin-extensions-weatherplugin_3.999+git4962+5756038-r0_mips32el.ipk (28 KB)
enigma2-plugin-skincomponents-weathercomponent_3.999+git4962+5756038-r0_mips32el.ipk (10 KB)
enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-weathercomponenthandler_3.999+git4962+5756038-r0_mips32el.ipk (2 KB)
enigma2-skin-elgato-cino-weather_a3.h3_all.ipk (698 KB)