Which android box to purchase for 4k Most Read

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Which android box to purchase for 4k Most Read

Post by Shahid Geo » 11 Nov 2017, 3:22 pm

Like xcruiser 585,485,430 android, all boxes are bad, but why because it has least ram when you change channels fast lt hang and when you see video like on YouTube on full high rate it's sometime hang due to least ram.
Xcruiser 585 full 4k but bad due to hang of low ram that is 1gb
Xcruiser 485,430 not 4k its HEVC means 2k its ram 1gb its also bad due hanging when you do heavy work...
If xcruiser company launch new box like 685,785 in future with 3gb ram then purchase otherwise its wastage of money because hanging issues exist.

Minimum requirements for 4k contents smoothly run on 3gb ram it's a block cache data thats need 3 partition to run smoothly..
So first see specification then go to box

Thanks for Butt Sahab Give This Great Infomation
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