Khem Sing Bedi’s Haveli

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Khem Sing Bedi’s Haveli

Post by faisal.ghumman » 30 Oct 2015, 2:49 pm

Khem Sing Bedi’s Haveli

One of the grandest havelis located in the area is that of Khem Singh Bedi.

Khem Singh Bedi’s haveli is located in Kallar Syedan and is an amazingly beautiful structure. It exudes calmness, still standing tall in the face of years of change.

The haveli was turned into a school for boys after 1947 and was still functional till about 10 years ago. The school since has moved to another location, but in the years that it was used as a school the staff and the children had taken reasonable care not to deface its heritage value.

In this magnificent haveli, one can still see paintings of Sikh Gurus and Hindu deities. This includes a painting of Baba Sri Chand who was the eldest son of Guru Nanak.

Most of the rooms in Khem Singh Bedi’s haveli are adorned with paintings. Paintings of sikh women bundled with jewelry looking in a mirror or holding an arrow. There is also a colorful painting depicting the golden temple in Amritsar. For those who don’t know, the golden temple is a holy site for Sikh’s.

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