Spoonfuls of Germany: German Regional Cuisine Nadia Hassani

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Spoonfuls of Germany: German Regional Cuisine Nadia Hassani

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Spoonfuls of Germany: German Regional Cuisine by Nadia Hassani
Requirements: ePUB, AZW3 Reader, PDF Reader, 18.54MB
Overview: Spoonfuls of Germany dispels the stereotype that German food is only sausage, sauerkraut and beer. This book offers 200 easy-to-follow authentic German recipes adapted for the American kitchen, as well as the stories about the history and provenance of each recipe. Spoonfuls of Germany is a fascinating and fresh look at Germany through its food.
With a linked Table of Content listing all recipes, and a fully linked recipe and geographical index, the Spoonfuls of Germany ebook is especially user-friendly.
In Spoonfuls of Germany you find classic dishes such as spaetzle and sauerbraten as well as little known dishes such as Kastaniensuppe (Chestnut Soup) from Palatinate, Ente mit Lübecker Füllung (Roasted Duck with Apple and Rum-Raisin Stuffing) and Swabian Red Currant Meringue Pie (Träublestorte).
Spoonfuls of Germany includes recipes of (almost!) forgotten and overlooked East German specialties such as Magdeburger Bördetopf (Cabbage Casserole), Teltower Rübchen (Glazed Turnips), and Sächsischer Gewürzstollen (Spice Stollen).
The recipes and 32 appetizing color photographs give delectable proof of the variety in Germany’s cuisines

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