Complete guide for installation of latest images,latest driv

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Complete guide for installation of latest images,latest driv

Post by tomydeo » 03 Jan 2014, 2:58 pm

Complete guide for installation of latest images,latest drivers and latest Barry allen on dm800 clones
Prepared by mfaraj57-Tunisiasat

***This guide is not intended for beginners,just for whome have good knowlage in image installation and good usage of dcc program.
The method was tested by me and it was safe,but satuniverse neither me are not responsible for any harm to your dreambox***

This is summury of what written in several posts in this site about the subject over the last month.


1- Put the dreambox in setup mode and flash it by recent image whatever bootloader built in.
***My advice is latest lean ozoon if you need barry allen and mutiboot functionality, other recent images if not,ozoon is better choice because it contains the usb drivers for easy installation of Barry allen***

2- After finishing the image installation and this is very important,do not shut down and reboot your dreambox,just enter dreambox ip into any internet explorer again and flash secondstage boot loader appropriate for your dreambox(this take less than 30 seconds).

3- Power off the dreambox and wait for 30 secs and power on again.

4- Configure your dreambox as usual and if you see tuner hardware failure message,just ignore it and continue configuring network.
** if you check tuner confgiuration,you will find no tuner available,do not worry about that**

5- shut down your dreambox again and unplug power and wait for 30 secs and plug power again.

6- download latest driver modules and by dcc- upload packages install them to dreambox

7- by DCC-FTP replace the files bcm7401.ko and stb-core.ko in /lib/modules/ 2.6.12-5.1-brcmstb-dm800/extra by the modified files.

**warning: for dreambox support 68 bootloader,do not replace the file which for card reader() it will not work and will hange the dreambox at intial reboot,only replace the file for tuner(),for dreambox with BL 70 and above replace both files***

8- Reboot your dreambox as usual,now your dreambox has recent image and recent drivers with full functionality as original

9- If you want to install Barry allen continue to the next step,else leave this subject and enjoy your dreambox

10- Install the latest patched Barry allen by dcc-load packages.

11- reboot your dreambox and now Barry allen is functioning and barry allen mutliboot manager menu will appear.
***if you install other images than ozoon in flash then you have to do the above steps again to make barry allen appears,so i am strongly recommond latest lean ozoon in flash if you intend to use Barry allen**