LT Images for DM8000HD

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LT Images for DM8000HD


Post by Active2u™ » 30 Dec 2013, 4:02 am

LT10th for DM8000HD PVR - LT Revision (3803)

Latest updates from LT Team...

Hello everyone!!! We are back online after one major server failure (again), with some XMAS gifts for you. LT10th is out!!!! The plugins server is back online also, so feel free to use it anytime!

Release notes:


OE 2.0

dm800 20130607
dm8000 20130619
dm7020hd, dm7020hdv2, dm500hd, dm800se 20131001

dm7020hd #88
dm800, dm8000, dm500hd, dm800se #84

20131118 + hotfixes

20131219 master

LT revision:

LT Update(s):
* Added zap on OK button in LTEPGSearch result
* Fix delete history in LTEPGSearch
* Use config.usage.text_subtitle_presentation=drop-shadow as default instead of black-box type.
* Use eEPGCache.load() in LTExternalEPG to reload fresh EPG data without restart Enigma2.
* Added "Text subtitle presentation" to config in LTSubtitle
* USB serial support should now be included in kernel from start.
* wmv files now supported by dm800se(v2), dm500hd(v2) and dm020hd(v2) (only tested on dm7020hd).
* LT Link Manager now use ltxlinks.cfg for configuration.
* Fixed downloading dependencies with LT Addons.

Known Issue(s):

Important note(s):
Please read at about update before installing the image, it is a must if you update from older images like LT6!

Download Here!
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