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¦©¦ How to flash a Vu+ Duo2 by USB ¦©¦

Posted: 13 Nov 2013, 1:56 am
by sunsong
How to flash a Vu+ Duo2 by USB

Items you need before we start.

1. A suitable USB stick formatted to FAT32.
2. Image of your choice
3. Compression software such as 7zip.
4. HP Format tool ( not essential but highly recommended )
5. Teracopy ( again not essential but highly recommended )
6. A clean pair of underpants, just in case things go wrong.

For this tutorial we will be using the latest OpenViX Image.

For links to the above mentioned software.


1. Format a USB stick to FAT32.
2. Download the image of your choice and extract it to your desktop.
3. Open the folder you extracted to your desktop, in this case named, you will see another folder named vuplus, this is your image file. Copy the entire vuplus folder directly to the USB stick.

Flashing the Receiver.

Fully power the receiver down via the rocker switch at the rear of the receiver.
Insert the USB stick containing the image files into one of the USB ports on the receiver.
Power the receiver on from the rear rocker switch and await instructions.

As your Duo2 starts to power up you should see a prompt on the receivers display asking you to press the power button, at this point you need to press the power button which is located behind the flap on the front of the receiver.


If you dont see the prompt to press the power button but instead see the message “starting” it means that the receiver has not detected the USB stick or image files or both. If this happens start from the beginning or try another USB stick, Image or USB port on the receiver.

If all goes well the flashing process should take approximately 2 minutes to complete, if your chosen image does not contain the “reboot.update” file in the image folder the receiver will sit the with “update complete” message on it's display and will require you to manually power the receiver on and off to reboot then box, if this file is present the receiver will automatically reboot it self once the flashing process is complete.

Please note. you will always see the prompt to press the power button if the receiver has detected a viable image to flash on the inserted media at bootup, It is perfectly safe and advisable to keep a image on your USB stick for backup reasons. The image will only flash if you press the power button, if you ignore the prompt the receiver will boot as normal.

Links to software mentioned in this tutorial :



HP format tool

Re: ¦©¦ How to flash a Vu+ Duo2 by USB ¦©¦

Posted: 09 May 2014, 1:24 am
by forever
i cant get it to flash tried as mentioned above keeps starting.tried different ports too but same result with vu solo2.any one know another method to flash